The Lowly Peanut Lighter: The Smallest And Lightest Firestarter Nonetheless

What is a Peanut Lighter?

A peanut lighter is a little water-resistant lighter you can get for less than $5. It takes advantage of Zippo common lighter fluid and wicks. I’m covering these due to the fact their dimensions and simplicity is a wonderful match for almost any survival kit.

On this page I’ll share some capabilities to watch out for, some concerns and finally what can make this little lighter so excellent.

Attributes TO Watch out FOR

Initially, allows take a look at attributes that are crucial using a peanut lighter. The very first characteristic to search for is actually a flat stop. Some clipper lighter fluid individuals wish to use this lighter as a candle. To do this, you need a flat end to the lessen 50 %. Peanut lighters using a round end won’t stand on their own.

A second element to maintain a watch out for is building. You are going to come across four kinds of fabric.

one) Aluminum: which scratches very easily.
2) Chrome steel: which is long lasting
3) Titanium: extremely strong
four) Matte finish steel plated copper: Which appears great, but isn’t long lasting.

Here’s a third thing to search for. Is definitely the insert removable? If that’s so, then your tiny lighter can provide Yet another reason. You may shop factors in it. Just take away the lighter insert and put your things inside the lessen fifty percent.


Alright, so far all the things Appears fantastic. But in reality, peanut lighters have some problems. Especially when you’re thinking about dumping all your other hearth starting up equipment and changing it using this.

One of the most important issues in the peanut lighter is “fluid evaporation”. The real key situation could be the o-ring. Since the o-rings usually are not produced correct, the lighter fluid dries in about three months. One particular-way to spice up o-ring efficiency is to incorporate Teflon tape or even silicone sealant.

Yet another situation using this type of lighter is the wick. Here’s what is going on. From time to time the lighter would not gentle, Although It can be filled with lighter fluid. This is The rationale why. There’s a wire Keeping up the wick, but at times the outlet for your wire is just too tiny.

This helps prevent lighter fluid from soaking the wick Despite the fact that the unit is stuffed with fluid.

One past concern is how restricted the unit fits. Occasionally the reduced half can arrive unfastened and drop off your essential chain. Fixes could possibly incorporate Teflon tape or Loctite. The very last thing you wish is to reach in excess of on your lighter inside of a dire predicament only to discover it… lacking!


The peanut lighter is light-weight, compact, simple to function, very simple to repair and sturdy. You can even use it as a candle. Not a bad offer for just a little factor similar to this!

Go get oneself just one this 7 days and Engage in with it. Just take it aside. It might even function inside your Altoids mini survival package.

The Lowly Peanut Lighter: The Smallest And Lightest Firestarter Nonetheless
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