How to take care of Gutters

Owning a home puts a lot of fun tasks on your agenda – new paint, fresh decor, even a remodel or two. But the rain gutters? That regular maintenance is one of the least fun things you “can” go through. But clogged gutters can do more than just direct water. All of that debris leads to wear and tear on the gutters, and rain runoff can build up near your foundation, causing leakage or damage. Gutters that aren’t working well could detach from the roof, even equaling the mess of home repairs. Here’s how to keep yours in good condition.

Clogged gutters

What you’ll need: Wire brush, gloves, hose.

Remove debris by hand (climb a ladder if necessary) and use a wire brush to get stubborn buildups. Rinse the gutters with a hose to remove any remaining dust and leaves.

Holes or gaps

What you’ll need: Sheet metal, metal shears, roofing concrete, large trowel, gutter putty

For holes: Cut and cut a piece of sheet metal to fit the hole. On the inside of the eaves, smear roofing concrete around the edges of the hole. Gently bend the sheet metal and press it into the roofing concrete. Coat the patch with additional cement; let it dry.

Rusty spots

What you’ll need:  Wire brush, roofing concrete, trowel.

Using a wire brush, carefully scrape off the rust. With a trowel, apply a thin layer of roofing concrete.

Gutter or downspout detached

What you’ll need:  Sheet metal screws, screwdriver, U-brackets

Drive a pilot hole and secure the gutter or recess with U-shaped brackets and short sheet metal screws.

Missing downpipe

What You’ll Need: fine-toothed hacksaw, file, metal downspout  section, lattice putty, U-shaped brackets, screws, screwdriver

Measure the section to be replaced. Using a hacksaw, cut a new section of the downspout, being careful to cut the square. File the edges and secure them with U-shaped brackets and screws. Seal the seam with putty.

New screens and filters

What you’ll need:  Wire cage filters, scissors, and guards to protect the width of the gutters. Place the filter over the downspout connection. Cut the lengths of the screen protector to fit the gutters. Slip the inside edge of the guard under the first shingles course and fold the other edge into place under the edge of the gutter.

If you need to repair or replace your rain gutters, you must rely on qualified professionals like Guttering Repairs Dublin to ensure job well done.

How to take care of Gutters
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