Top karate classes in Dubai

When you buy villa in Dubai, you might want to get yourself enrolled in activities, and karate could be a great option.


Taking karate classes is a common choice for children and adults in the Emirate, whether for self-defence or to keep fit. This martial art emerged in the 20th century and has more advantages than can be counted. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best karate lessons in Dubai for children and adults.

Karate classes in Dubai

Institutes offering karate lessons in Dubai hire qualified and trained instructors. Under their instruction, both children and adults will master the art of karate in no time. Here is a list of top institutes offering karate lessons in Dubai.


Here’s an opportunity for your child to learn versatility, strength, self-confidence and control at this state-of-the-art sports centre in Dubai Sports City. FitRepublik karate lessons for children in Dubai include basic techniques, namely punching, kicking, wrestling and throwing. Although the facility does not offer adult karate, one can learn other available martial arts courses. FitRepublik has also appeared in our ranking of the best gyms in Dubai! It is a comfortable option for those who own or rent apartments in Dubai Sports City.

Shotokan Karate Club

The Shotokan Karate Club is a branch of the Japanese Karate Association. The club administration claims that karate is about having fun in a controlled way. Anyone above the age of four will be a member of the class. The facility allows you to practise at a pace that your child is happy with. In addition to developing military skills, the emphasis is on building confidence and a healthy young children mindset.

Renshi’s Fitness

Driven by fitness guru Renshi Renjith, this family gym is a perfect place to launch martial arts training in Dubai. In Dubai, Renshi Renjith is well recognised for his motivational speech and role in various international events. Offering everything from karate and kung fu to yoga and dance, Renshi’s Exercise is perfect for children and adults living in the Green environment.

Golden Fist Karate Center

Founded in 1992, Golden Fist Karate has a long tradition of martial arts training in Dubai. The Academy works from 15 sites around the Emirates, and some courses are held outdoors! Their trained team of trainers teach both children and adults, and they are supervised by Renshi Ranjith, an influential figure in fitness in the region. Are you looking for women’s karate lessons in Dubai? There is a chance to book a female teacher for private lessons.

Dubai Karate Center

As one of the oldest karate centres in Dubai, this institution holds the highest rules for offering karate. Keep in line with their individual and group lessons – both children and adults. Their teachers are accredited as members of respected karate organisations in Japan and the United States. Chief teacher Ashraf Hussein is 5th Dan and is certified by organisations in the United Kingdom, the United States and the UAE!

Group Fitness Experience (GFX)

This one is for those parents looking for children’s karate lessons in Business Bay. Let the little ones get involved at GFX, where they can advance through the various belts and learn the ancient martial arts. Best of all, your children will learn the necessary qualities to become strong leaders in the future. As the batches are split, your child will be learning their age with others.

Team Nogueira Fighting Club

Excellent equipment and a committed squad of coaches have made Team Nogueira Dubai, one of Dubai’s best karate classes. An outstanding place to keep fit, you’re likely to crack a sweat when exercising here. The Academy is part of the Team Nogueira brand founded by the famous brothers of Nogueira, known as UFC Warriors. The centre also provides courses in martial arts, including Muay Thai, wrestling, judo and more. However, karate lessons are only given to children.

Oceans Kids Academy

The Ocean Kids Academy is a perfect environment for your children to have fun and learn simultaneously. These karate lessons in Karama are taught in a constructive and enjoyable atmosphere where children can engage with their peers. After the inspection of each belt, they will earn the Japan Government Certificate (JKS).


These were some of the finest karate institutions near Bulgari Residences in Dubai. Make your booking to get access to your favourite karate institute.