Marketing Stained Glass

I attend enterprise workshops and seminars every month so one can analyze greater approximately running a enterprise.
The one common question that I hear the most is how can I marketplace my services or products. We often have students who seize the glimpse of how extraordinary it’s miles to do glass and they start to consider themselves doing glass paintings for a living. Some had been courageous enough to invite us how they might be capable of make cash doing stained glass.
We have commonly answered that we don’t know, if they discover, will they please allow us to realize how? But here are a number of the fundamentals of selling and advertising stained rose gold frames glasses glass.

Going To The Fair

1. We heard from several people that attending craft festivals would be the excellent manner that we ought to market our glass. We have been advised memories approximately the success of glass artists who promote $30,000 well worth of glass each 12 months in only days!
With achievement like that, we figured we better visit a honest.

2. In Sept 2005 we went to Swiss Days in Midway, Utah with excessive hopes, but matters did not go as deliberate. We failed to pretty make back the booth costs we might paid.
What went wrong?

Three. To solution that, we want to take a look at numerous elements.

A. As present glass sellers, we failed due to the fact we didn’t sell sufficient product. Why? Because we didn’t have sufficient small gift items to sell. You can’t sell what you don’t have.

B. We had been targeted as custom glass artists. We exceeded out cards and made contacts on the honest. We showed a number of artwork glass on the honest and in fact succeeded in making plenty of contacts. Over the following couple of months we picked up numerous new clients and got to build lots of custom work as a right away end result of the honest.

Conclusion: It felt like a failure because we made so little for the duration of the fair, but we had a amazing time and met many folks who wanted stained glass, which cause a few custom work. In the future we plan to take extra present objects to satisfy our on the spot coins float desires and we plan to have reaction cards in an attempt to get individuals who are inquisitive about stained glass to offer us some touch data. We may offer a free video on cd/dvd as a manner to get oldsters to present us their information.
We’ve also determined to attend smaller boutiques throughout the 12 months that allows you to refine what sells and higher research what the present market will consist of.

Getting Custom Work

4. When Tom Holdman (a local stained glass artist) determined to end up a stained glass artist, a neighbor encouraged that he go to a wealthy neighborhood and go door to door asking in the event that they want stained glass of their domestic. He did just that and made a contact with a own family who wanted glass and had a few influence with the library board. This result in a business task which result in a super deal of publicity.

5. What are we able to analyze from this story? That any friendship or relationship can cause glass paintings. What we should do is ask anyone and everybody if they want or need stained glass paintings. Then, we ought to doggedly comply with-up when a person expresses an interest. It is often exceptional how a easy month-to-month phone call will ultimately pay off. There have been many clients in our beyond who eliminate their venture for a 12 months or extra. What you want to don’t forget is that they wanted the window sufficient to have you design it, so keep in touch. Then they may think about you whilst the price range ease up. Wouldn’t or not it’s sad to have another artist get to construct your advent, simply due to the fact you didn’t smartphone them every month?

Selling Cabinet Door Inserts

6. When a consumer asks for cupboard door inserts, it’s going to assist the technique alongside in case you are equipped to invite them the questions so as to narrow down their selections and help to decide what you may want to do with the doors.
Ask if the doors are new or refurbished. If you can, research the brand and manufacturer and most importantly, are they routed out for inserts, this will can help you understand if they are able to come directly to you for glass or if they want to go to your wood employee to have them modified.

7. Helping the consumer arrive at what they want will save you and them quite a few time. So ask in the event that they want to apply obvious or opaque glass. What colors do they want to introduce and what bevels if any ought to pass into the design. Do they need to add lighting fixtures to their shelves and what kind of do they plan to spend. Do they need virtually leaded panels or will single aspect leading be adequate. Last, what finish do they want, black, silver, pewter, brilliant copper or vintage copper.

Eight. But how do we find these clients? We put it up for sale in the telephone book underneath cabinet makers system and components and we visit cabinet shops and positioned samples into their hands. The first-rate thing to do is furnish glass samples of those which we feature and sample glass designs that they can display their customers. I want to provide eight” huge by using 10″ tall samples because they healthy conveniently in a field and are clean for the cupboard income human beings to haul round. This is an investment of time, attempt and money that is important due to the fact the salesman may not sell for me if they don’t reflect onconsideration on stained glass once they meet with clients.

Educate Folks About Stained Glass

nine. Occasionally, inside the beyond, we would moan and complain about the lack of knowledge that the general public had of what right stained glass was and the way it enhances ones surroundings. Then in the future, the light came on and we realized that it was our task to teach the public. We knew that the exceptional customers for custom glass were those who had tried it and determined that it wasn’t all that easy to construct glass. They had a better appreciation for the price of the work.
As artists, we not best ought to raise the notice of our artwork, we need to train approximately the complexities and subtleties of our art. If you do not point out it’s strengths, who will?

10. We discovered that one manner to educate the community become to maintain free or low cost seminars and workshops. This leads to many possibilities to proportion your knowledge of the stained glass industry and strategies. It also serves to elevate the recognition level of the network of stained glass round them.

11. You realize how it’s miles, you start seeking out a leather couch, or buy one and everywhere you appearance, you locate leather sofas. Then you find a brand of jogging footwear which are especially cozy and you observe that “absolutely everyone” is carrying that logo of footwear. Your recognition level has been raised and as soon as it is been raised, it will never be the identical again.
That’s what you want to have show up with the network as a ways as stained glass is worried.

12. We additionally discovered that the decorators and designers that frequently advise us to their clients had to be educated within the subtitles of stained glass artwork. They regularly did not recognise the finishes to be had or what the difference among the leaded method and copper foil have been.

Thirteen. So we organized presentations and academic substances for them, so they could have them for their clients. But we made sure that they have been uncovered to all of the substances so that they might be informed when they offered them to their customers.

14. In end, selling your stained glass art is all approximately movement. You’ve got to show you’re not dead. And you do that by means of attending gala’s and boutiques so you can study the heart beat of your market. And you live in contact with those you meet. You groom relationships. You spend time speaking with pals and former customers, not just to invite them for leads however additionally to get their feelings approximately glass. And you promote unique merchandise which you specialise in, like cupboard doors.