How to Find a Builder Without Leaving Yourself Broke and Depressed

Find the builder

Finding builders in London can be a difficult process but if approached by the way you ordered you can avoid many potential traps that produce very good jobs at reasonable prices.

The first step is to decide what you want to do, this seems clear, you might think you already know this but every development project consists of a larger picture and smaller detail, you might just focus on a greater vision about your work. will make decisions on smaller parts. Take time thinking about this, material, finish, what is important and where you are willing to compromise. Compromise is an important point to remember; If you are too stiff with what you want, you can immediately find yourself at the wrong end of the Balloon budget.

The next step is to make some builders to quote, try to get various people to quote work. Consult with your friends for each recommendation, check the yellow pages and also house builders London search through the internet. When builders come to see work, try to judge them all with the same variable; How professional they are, whether they are on time, whether they do a similar job, how long they are in building trade, whether they are professional limbs. This list is just an example of some criteria you have to use, use this as a base and add the other you want.

One thing that is a little vigilant to recommend is your instincts, many people suggest to do this but you have to realize that many builders spend their time quotes work and put people comfortably so they can be a very good salesman and make a big impression without having to Become the best builder.


After you make a short list that will consist of the builders you have seen and are interested in using you must start doing research on them, Google’s name and company name, is there something good or bad? Look at the company on the company’s home website, how long has the company been traded? If it’s for a very short time this is a red flag. Ask for some recent client names, make sure you contact them and ask a few questions, how is the work? Will they recommend the Builder? What cost work are they quoted?


After a few steps before you have to have certainty in the builder you do, agree to the contract and try to get as many details as possible including and also have the payment stages that you will occupy, try to make sure that you don’t have too much money in advance, no There is something worse than submitting the entire budget to your builder and then suddenly a deteriorating relationship and you find yourself continuing to pursue them.